ChessFest Cyprus: October Clash

ChessFest Cyprus

October Clash

29 October 2023​

American International School, Cyprus

About the Event​

ChessFest Cyprus: October Clash is a monthly scholastic series, bringing chess to a wider audience by hosting the events in Schools. We have six categories: Prodigy Pawns, Young Knights, Budding Bishops, Tactical Rooks, Strategic Kings, and Chess Queens.

This scholastic series offers a platform for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the game, learn, and compete. We invite chess enthusiasts to join us in this exciting journey of chess discovery and growth.

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Event Schedule​

Get ready for five intense rounds in the rapid Swiss system, where the excitement never stops.

9:00 AM​

Registration confirmation

Get ready to ‘check’ in for an incredible chess experience!

09:45 AM​

Opening Ceremony

Let’s kick off the chess spectacle with the wisdom of rules and the fun of pairings – it’s strategy with a dash of surprise!

10:00 AM​

Round 1

It’s the opening move, and the game is afoot! Make that first move with confidence and conquer the board.

10:45 AM​

Round 2

Round two is here, and the plot thickens! Your pieces are your allies; lead them to victory.

11:30 AM​

Round 3

Round three, where strategies clash like titans! Plan your moves, and let the chess battles continue.

12:00 PM​

Round 4

Round four, the tension mounts! Stay sharp, and your checkmate dreams might just come true

12:30 PM​

Round 5

In the final round, it’s all or nothing! Bring your best, and let’s end this chess showdown with a bang!​

01:00 PM​

Closing Ceremony

Time to celebrate our champions and hand out the hardware – it’s the chess equivalent of winning the jackpot!

our categories​

Dive into our chess world, from the first steps of our Prodigy Pawns to the seasoned strategies of our Kings and Queens. Each category celebrates a unique stage of growth and passion in the timeless game of chess.

Prodigy Pawns

Every grandmaster’s journey begins with a single step; embrace the magic of discovery and let your little one shine.

Young Knights​

Harness the energy and bravery of youth, letting their adventurous spirit guide their chess journey.

Budding Bishops

Nurturing a passion for chess early lays the foundation for future champions; let them lead with wisdom and foresight.

Tactical Rooks

As their understanding deepens, watch them stand firm like towers, refining tactics and setting the stage for mastery.

strategic kings

With every game, they grow, evolving into strategic thinkers and leaders, ready to conquer any challenge.

Chess Queens

Empowerment on the board and in life; watch her command her destiny with grace and unmatched strategy.

About the Organisers​

Meet the minds behind this chess initiative: Panayiotis from Arion Chess Club and Mark from SIMBA Trainers. Together, we proudly represent the synergy of tradition and innovation in the world of chess. With SIMBA Trainers standing as a FIDE Endorsed Chess Academy in Cyprus, our collaboration is a testament to our commitment to fostering chess excellence among the youth.

Our Sponsors​

Our heartfelt thanks go to our sponsors for their invaluable support. Their commitment to chess and our youth’s potential has been transformative. Thank you for championing our vision and making a difference.

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